Pipe Jam & Ride For Jake

OG’s and new riders alike, we want to see you hit those tricks in the halfpipe. We have some special guests coming out of Olympic retirement to throw down, so get ready for a show!

Night Rail Jam ’24

Returning for its 10th anniversary, Night Rail Jam welcomes the best freestyle athletes to drop in and put on a symphony of style and skill under the stars!

Winter Wellness at Alpine

Keeping in shape off the slopes is the best way to ensure you make the most of your winter season on the slopes!

Maximum Snow Time

Smaller lines at a private club mean more runs and better snow conditions

Go For The Big Win

Organizing a big meeting is a bit like skiing: just because you can manage the basics, doesn’t mean you’re ready for a double-black-diamond run.  

Downhill defined

Even in the middle of a Canadian summer, we know winter is coming. What divides us is whether that fills us with dread or excitement.