Skidoodle 2021 | 60th Anniversary

Skidoodle 2021 | 60th Anniversary
club with fireworks
December 1, 2020

While our many multi-generation families bring experience,
legacy and continuity, our new members bring fresh eyes,
energy and enthusiasm to our Club. We are incredibly
fortunate that Alpine’s fabric is woven together by our history
and our future.

Yet, as passionate as I am about Alpine, I can’t help but ask
myself “Am I passionate enough to cut the trails? Build the
lifts? Build the lodges?”. That’s a whole new level of passion.
As we celebrate Alpine’s 60th anniversary this season, I am
incredibly humbled by our founding members. They were not
only passionate skiers, but they stood at the base of a heavily
wooded piece of the Escarpment and decided together to
create the foundation for the Alpine experience we all enjoy
and love. Their vision, strength, creative problem-solving,
teamwork, volunteerism and sheer determination is a gift and
an inspiration to each and every one of us.

– First Tracks by Jacqueline Newall Chapman