Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan

At Alpine, our goal is to give every guest an unforgettable experience during every visit. We are committed to promoting an inclusive environment by preventing and removing barriers for persons with disabilities and allowing all guests the equal opportunity to access our goods and services in the same place and in the same way.

For more information on how we achieve this, please view our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.


We value your feedback as it provides great insight into our operation. To share your feedback or to request more information regarding accessibility, please contact us so we can assist you in greater detail.

Telephone: 705-445-0339
E-mail: [email protected]
Alpine Ski Club
17-242 Arrowhead Rd
Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada L9Y 0S1


We are pleased to provide you with alternative formats of our documentation relating to our accessible information, policies, or a copy of our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan, free of charge. Upon request, alternative formats will be provided in a format that takes into account a person’s disability. Documents can be requested by phone, e-mail, or by visiting the Programs and Events office.


The club has several designated accessible parking spaces located close to the clubhouse adjacent the drop off area. To utilize one of these designated parking spaces, you must visibly display a valid government issued Accessible Parking Permit in your vehicle.

Assistive Devices

A person with a disability may provide their own assistive device for the purpose of obtaining, using, and benefiting from any of our activities or services. Exceptions may occur in situations where Alpine Ski Club determines that the assistive device may pose a risk to the health and safety of the person using the device or to others at the club. If you have an assistive device that is excluded, we will work to determine if an alternative arrangement can be made.

Service Animals

Alpine Ski Club welcomes people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal (documentation required) on the parts of our premises that are open to the public, as long as the animal is not otherwise excluded by law. During the winter operation, larger service animals (i.e. guide dogs) are not permitted on the chair lifts as per our standard operating procedures. If you require a service animal that is restricted from an area or activity at the club, please inquire with the Administration office or Programs and Events office to determine if an alternative arrangement can be made.

Support Persons

We are pleased to offer a complimentary ticket to access Alpine Ski Club’s ski lifts, for 1 Support Person when accompanying a person with a disability who may require additional assistance. Tickets can be requested in person from the Administration office.

Washroom Access

There are wheelchair accessible washrooms in the Clubhouse on both the upper and lower levels. Accessible washrooms can also be available to use for persons who wish to change in privacy.


All Alpine Ski Club lifts can accommodate sit skis and outriggers. For use of any other assistive devices on-hill, please contact the Administration office. Service animals (i.e. guide dogs) are not permitted on the chairlifts as per our standard operating procedures.

Adaptive Skiing

For more information on ski programs for people with disabilities in Ontario and Canada, please visit the Ontario Track 3 Ski Association and the Canadian Adaptive Snowsports.

Lift Lines

Guests are to use the standard lift line. If you have a disability that affects your ability to stand in the standard lift line, please visit the Administration office and speak with a representative for more information.


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