The New Arrowhead Chair

The New Arrowhead Chair
Arrowhead Chair series - part 1

As we prepare for our Arrowhead Chair replacement project throughout the summer of 2024, we will continue to share the key experience enhancements Alpine members can expect with the installation of our new chair.

Understanding the project

The current Arrowhead Chair was installed in 1988 and is due for replacement. While the chair is deemed safe by experts performing regular inspections, aging chairlifts require more maintenance and costs begin to escalate.

It is vital to ensure reliable chairlift operations on the South side since the highest concentration of skiers and boarders are found there, with all South runs serviced by the Arrowhead chairlift and the Summit chairlift. The Arrowhead chairlift in particular is important for access to beginner terrain, which is critical to members (and guests) of all ages who are learning to ski or snowboard. In the our 2022 member survey, members confirmed that a mid-point unloading on the replacement Arrowhead chairlift remains a priority.

The current Arrowhead chairlift is in a sunken loading area following the build of our new clubhouse in 2016. The terrain at the base of the new fixed-grip chairlift will be regraded to allow loading of passengers at a higher elevation, ensuring safer and easier loading for members and less congestion in the pinch point between the Magic Carpet and the base of the Arrowhead chairlift. The midpoint unloading will also be adjusted to improve the safety of unloading for our beginner skiers and boarders.

Skidoodle, Winter 2024

Curious about how these strategic decisions are made?

Learn more about Alpine’s ongoing strategic planning efforts via the latest documents on our Governance page.

Follow the project

In the coming weeks, we will share insights from our key team members involved in the Arrowhead Chair replacement project. Check back frequently to watch the project unfold as we prepare to welcome our new chairlift for the 2024-25 season!

Part 1: What’s to come

Part 2: Your Enhanced Experience

Part 3: Project Timeline

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