Fantasy Fun & Glory

Fantasy Fun & Glory

Congratulations to the winning team:
Insider Trading (Thomas Daly)!

2nd place: Slalom on Challenge (Peter Daly)
3rd place: Rudolph Garmisch Crew (Sean Cotnam)


Here is where you will see the top fantasy teams through the season. This will be updated after each Fun & Glory race.

Last Update: March 3, 2024

Team NameTotal Points
Insider Trading174
Slalom on Challenge!167
Rudolph Garmisch Crew162
Rut Riders162
EKC’s Ringers158
Red Brick Bruisers151
Will’s RealGudPros140
All Fun Little Glory139
Suzanne’s Quick Finishers139
KKC’s Ringers138
Set Up To Win115

Select your racers, build your dream team and you could win!
Open to all members (not just racers!). Must be 19+ to enter.

What Is Fantasy Fun & Glory?

Experience the excitement of ski and snowboard racing like never before in our friendly and thrilling Fantasy Fun & Glory League! Just like with fantasy football; you have the chance to step into the shoes of a team manager, curating your dream squad from the talented racers in our Fun & Glory League. 

Teams will be ready to draft the weekend of January 6. Entered teams are frozen by the start of the first race on January 14.

Participation is Easy

Step 1: Explore the Racing Tiers  

Familiarize yourself with the racing tiers and the incredible lineup of racers in the Fun & Glory League.  

Each tier presents a unique set of skilled athletes, and it’s your job to craft a winning team by selecting 9 total racers who you think will secure yourself a win.  

Step 2: Assemble Your Fantasy Team  

With an entry fee of $100 per submitted team, you can dive into the competition and create your fantasy team via the Team Registration Form above.

Pick your favorite racers or strategize based on their past performances – the choice is yours!  

Step 3: Confirm Your Selections  

Before finalizing your team, double-check your choices to ensure you’ve chosen 8 ski racers and 1 snowboard racer.  

Once satisfied, complete the Team Registration Form and submit.  

Step 4: Follow the Action  

Track your team’s performance in real-time as the Fun & Glory League unfolds.  

Step 5: Score Points and Climb the Leaderboard  

Watch as your fantasy team earns points based on the actual performance of your selected racers.  

The scoring system reflects the thrilling dynamics of the races, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.  

Step 6: Await the Victory  

As the league concludes, eagerly await the announcement of the final results.  
If your team emerges as the victor, you’ll be in for a sweet reward.


Of the total entries collected, 50% will go to the Programs Fundraiser, the remaining amount will go the winners of which, 50% to 1st place, 32% to 2nd and 16% to 3rd.  

Ground Rules 

  1. $100 to enter a team (no limit to entries).
  1. You must choose 8 ski racers and 1 snowboard racer from the available tiers.
  1. All 4 races will be used to calculate a Fantasy Team’s points. 
  1. Total team score will be determined on the total points captured by your team. 
  1. Any year-end tie will be decided by the highest single race total. In the event teams are still tied, the pot will be split equally by the parties.  
  1. Injury Clause: in the event of an injury, tough luck! Or see point #7. 
  1. After the 2nd race, each team owner will have the ability to purchase a ‘1 pick substitution’ for $50.  The player you are subbing out and the player you are subbing in must be from the same tier. All points associated with the substituted athletes are forfeited and points only accumulated moving forward for the incoming athlete. 

Meet Your Racers

Select from the eligible Fun & Glory league roster. Coming soon…

Tier 1

Mike McTaggart
Will Stewart
Graham Ramshaw
Brandon Hune
Thomas Daly
Nicholas Balan
Laura Coward
Mclean Wood

Tier 2

Kenneth Stoneham
Jeff Cox
Jason Park
Shane Hambly
Peter Moorhead
Neil Hubley
Stephanie Coward
William Cartar

Tier 3

Robert Hawtin
Brook Hamilton
David Garber 
Vaylen Petrella
Robert Smejkal
Brad Brock
John Glover
Sean Cotnam

Tier 4

Gillian Cartar
Adam Grossman
Melanie Leistner Lavoie
Kevin Beattie
Joanna Perreault
Don French
Mark Laurie
Peter Daly

Tier 5

Rob Reid
Craig Pitman
Laura Libby
Linda Leistner
Chris Reid
Todd Robertson
Hugh McCormick
Kevin Kilmer Choi

Tier 6

Lisa Bugler
Earl Duffy
Tori Abbott
Sheri Ramshaw
Stephen Lewis
David Eva
Jocelyn French
Jamie Haggart

Tier 7

Joseph Bellissimo
Leonard Drimmer
Steven Bollinger
Mitch Perreault
Josh Erlick
Kevin McLoughlin
Tony Petrella
Tushar Mehta

Tier 8

Nicholas Argiros
Erica Reid
Rachel Megitt
Richard Fridman
Troy Harrison
Gil Nayot
Mark Sandell
Audun Bredur

Tier 9

Brent Norrey
Zefu Dai
Shanna Reid
Kevin Brown
Peter Livingston
Bernard Oegema
Alex Henry
Sarah Lalonde

Tier 10

David Rosenblatt
Jonathan Ambeault
Talia Laurie
Jennifer Hsiung
Eric Rosen
Adam Szakacs
Justin Rosenberg
Maurice Cacho

Tier 11 – Snowboard

Melanie Leistner Lavoie
Kevin Kilmer Choi
Graham Ramshaw
Kyla Taylor
Ashley Ghan
Bernard Oegema
Jenna Livingston
Hannah Kilmer Choi

Tier 12 – Snowboard

Daniel Simmons Stubbs
Darcy McDonald
Sheri Ramshaw
Sacha Fiand
Mackenzie Hamilton
Robert Milthorpe
Ethan Ghan
Linda Leistner

Tier 13 – Snowboard

Terence Woodside
Dena Silverberg
Mark Sandell
Elaine Kilmer Choi
Sarah Ledwidge
Steve Crawford
Joel Farber