January 25, 2024

January 25, 2024

Snowboard/Freeski Bulletin

Upcoming Important Dates

January 27: FIS Race (SL on Challenge)  
January 28: GROMS Freestyle Event
February 3: Adult Interclub Race @ Alpine (GS on Challenge)  
February 10: Light It Up! Programs Fundraiser Day   
February 9/10: SB Racing NorAm PSL  
February 17: Night Rail Jam  
February 18: Snowboard & Freeski Club Championship Race Day
February 19: Family Day Fun Ski Race 
February 19: Snowboard Dual 

Friday Training

For pre-registered athletes only: The Men’s Day committee has extended the offer for us to host Friday Training at the Club during Men’s Day this Friday. As a courtesy, we are asking all athletes to abide by the following: 

  1. Absolutely no going in the main clubhouse.
  2. The athletes can get their equipment from their lockers and then head to the North.
  3. Athletes are only allowed to ski on May Day, Neutron and Lower Parade.
  4. Lunch will be a pizza lunch provided (by programs) in the North Warming Hut. 
  5. Return to the South only at the end of the day, 3:15 to be picked up. 

GROMS Event This Weekend

Due to the overwhelming interest in the GROMS League, the committee has decided to alter the season schedule. This weekend, Alpine will host the Freestyle snowboard competition and Craigleith will host the Freestyle skiers.

See here for event schedule & details:

2024 Groms SB Event_Alpine 
2024 Groms Ski Event_Craigleith

Good luck to all athletes!

OEST Freestyle Event This Weekend

OEST Freestyle team will be at Horseshoe this weekend, here are the event details:


Upcoming Event Registration

You won’t want to miss these exciting events coming soon!
Next week we will be sharing details on the following events including how to sign up. 

Feb. 10: Relay Rush Fundraiser Race (Sign Up Here)
Feb. 17: Rail Jam + Dinner  
Feb. 19: Family Day Fun Ski Race
Feb. 19: Snowboard Dual
Mar. 2: Ski Night Dual on Club Championship weekend  
Mar. 2-3: Ski Club Championships

Parent Volunteers Needed for Team Managers

We’re looking for parent volunteers to step up to the role of Team Manager for their athlete’s team this season. Team Managers responsibilities may include assisting coaches on competition day, organizing a team social, and helping put together a basket for the Basket Raffle fundraiser at the end of the season. Team Managers are typically eligible to receive a lift ticket at any away events so they may assist the coaches.

If you’re interested, please email Erin at [email protected].

GROMS Schedule Update

Light It Up! Programs Fundraising Day

This Saturday, February 10, we’re dedicating an entire day to our programs FUNdraising efforts this season, with so many great ways to get involved and help raise money for your Alpine programs! Choose from our live and silent auction, Alpine Relay Rush race, and more!

Proceeds raised will go towards funding the installation of permanent light fixtures on the new Arrowhead Chair to allow for special event competitions outside of our regular operating hours. 

There are so many ways to participate, click the link below to find out!

Adult Racing

Upcoming Training:
January 28, February 4, and February 25.
January 28 snowboard training available on Neutron 1:00-3:00pm, please up in advance with Erin.

Next Race: Sunday, February 11

Fun & Glory Teams

Fun & Glory Upcoming Races

Ski Races

February 11: SL on Kent
February 18: GS on Challenge
March 3: Adult Ski Club Championships
*dates subject to change

Snowboard Races

February 11: SL on Kent (snowboard course will be set independent from ski course)
February 18: GS on Challenge (1st run will count for Club Championships, 2nd run for F&G, on SB-only course)
*dates subject to change

Fantasy Fun & Glory

Leaderboard coming this week!


Please share photos of your athlete’s podium by email.


Fun and Glory Race GS on Kent 

Ski times: JAN 21 FG SKI RESULTS

Fun & Glory Team Leaderboard:
Will Carter: 145 
Mike McTaggart: 140 
Don French: 132 
Adam Grossman: 119 
Joanna Perreault: 111 
Stephanie Coward: 107 
Mitch Perreault: 97  
Graham Ramshaw: 89