February 15, 2024

February 15, 2024

Snowboard/Freeski Bulletin

Snowboard/Freeski Club Championships Race Day

Race event is this weekend for juniors and adults. This will be a parallel slalom. Athletes will take one run in the right course, one run in the left course. The event will be scored based on fastest time in either course.

Date: Sunday, February 18 
Location: Kent 
Inspection: 9:00-9:20am
Start: 9:30am

Competitive SB Teams are to meet your team at 8:45am in front of Clubhouse – SB Dev Team, Groms SB Freestyle, OEST Freestyle and all Snowboard race teams. 

For athletes in a competitive program coaches will pick up bibs in the morning.  
If you have signed your athlete up in the Programs office, bibs will be available 8:30 am in the Programs office. 

Adults: will run directly following the Juniors.   
This will be a parallel slalom. Athletes will take one run in the right course, one run in the left course. The event will be scored based on fastest time in either course.

Directly following your two club championship runs, anyone registered in Fun & Glory will race the final Fun & Glory race of the season using one of the courses (TBD by Chief of Course).   

Date: Sunday February 18 
Location: Kent 
Inspection: 9:00-9:20 am 
Start: 9:30 am 

If you are registered in Fun & Glory, please wear your Fun & Glory bib. 
If you registered in the Programs office, bibs will be available 8:30 am in the Programs office. 

Family Day Fun Races

This Family Day Monday, team up with your parent or child(ren) and hit the course!

Sign up in the Programs & Events office before end of day Sunday, Feb. 18.

Ski Race: 10:00am, GS on Challenge. Bib pick-up 9:00-9:30 in Athletes’ Room.

Race runs in bib order. 1 stand-up run.

Snowboard Dual: 1:00pm, Dual Relay on Lower Alpine. Can sign up as a single or with any team member, doesn’t have to be a parent/child. At least one team member must be on a snowboard.

Race format: first teammate will be started at the same time, second teammate will be sent when first crosses the finish line. The first team to finish moves on. First loss does not eliminate you, every team has a shot at redemption in the lower bracket.

March Break Camps

Registration is now open for March Break Camps for all programs.
Review your options in the Program Guide at the link below.

Night Rail Jam

Night Rail Jam returns for our 10th anniversary, on Family Day weekend at the Club. This year, we’ll have Arrowhead Chair running so you can put all your energy into your tricks.

Saturday, February 17
Event Entry: $30
4:30-5:45pm | Beginner & Intermediate
6:15pm | Bib draw for prizes

6:00-7:30pm | Advanced & Expert
7:45pm | Bib draw for prizes

Dinner – Taco Bar & S’mores
5:00-7:00pm | Georgian Room
$30 per person / $10 for kids under 5
*$10 from every dinner ticket will go directly towards terrain park upgrades!

Have guests riding with you that day? They’re welcome to join the fun! Register them with Erin in person in the Programs & Events office.

Upcoming Important Dates

Feb. 17: Night Rail Jam  
Feb. 18: Snowboard & Freeski GS Race Day – Sign up clipboard in Programs & Events office
Feb. 19: Family Day Fun Ski Race – Sign up clipboard in Programs & Events office
Feb. 19: Snowboard Dual – Sign up clipboard in Programs & Events office
Mar. 2: Junior Ski Club Championships
Mar. 2: Ski Night Dual on Club Championship weekend  – qualify via Club Championships
Mar. 3: Ski Cross & Adult Ski Club Championships
Mar. 8: RAD Halfpipe Development Camp
Mar. 16: Pipe Jam and Ride for Jake Day

Light It Up! Programs Fundraiser

Thank you to all who took part in our day of fundraising last Saturday at the Club. We had an action-packed day of FUNdraising activities to push us towards our goal, and are stoked to be over 60% of the way there! So far this season, our full efforts have netted us $52,152. Let’s keep the momentum building with more exciting fundraising opportunities coming up this season, our 51/49 Split and Basket Raffle.

Thank you to all members and businesses who volunteered or donated to our fundraising events. Your support is greatly appreciated. With special thanks to Melissa DaCosta, Stephen Riff, Michael Gelfand, Lisa Koster and Jeff Cox for your involvement/donations.

Programs Basket Raffle

Each year we ask that the competitive teams in Snowboarding, Freeski and Racing put together a themed basket of goodies that we raffle off on March 2-3 in support of the Programs Fundraiser.   

We need Basket Captains! 
Competitive Snowboard: Development team, GROMS Freestyle, OEST Freestyle, Snowboard Racing, Freeski Squad, GROMS Freeski 
Ski Racing: Individual teams from U8 through U16 

The success of the basket raffle depends on everyone involved.  Your job will be to gather items and assemble the basket.  Your team has options; everyone on the team can bring in an item that corresponds to your basket theme, or you may choose to ask everyone for $10-20 and you go shopping! 

Once you have your items, simply fill a basket and wrap it with cello and ribbon. Please also include a list of the contents in the basket and drop the finished product to the Programs office by March 1, 2024.   

The Programs office can give you basket theme ideas or if you already have a theme, please share with the Programs office so we don’t double up. 

Club Championships 

Snowboard & Freeski Club Championships 
February 18: Snowboard Race Day (Junior and Adults)
February 24: Boardercross & Freeski Cross (Juniors)
February 25: Snowboard & Freeski Club Championship Slopestyle Day (Juniors and Adults)

Ski Club Championships 
March 2:
U6 on Lower Alpine (GS) 
U8/U10 on Kent (GS & PSL) 
U12-U19 on Challenge (GS & SL) 
Results from the day will be used to qualify for the Night Dual

March 3:
Ski Cross (registered racing program athletes only) 
Adult Ski Club Championships – SL on Kent, GS on Challenge

Club Championships 
All athletes in a ski racing or competitive freeski or snowboard program will be automatically entered into Club Championships. All recreational program participants must sign up in the Programs & Events office.

RAD Development Program

The Riders Advancement and Development Program (RAD Program) is a Canada Snowboard initiative that aims to provide development opportunities to all stages of athletes and coaches. Under technical leadership of Calynn Irwin, this Halfpipe Awareness and Development initiative will provide an introduction to halfpipe for athletes and coaches on March 8, 2024 following the Halfpipe Jr. Nationals competition at Alpine.

Pipe Jam & Ride for Jake

Join us Saturday, March 16 for the return of our annual Pipe Jam AND a global day to celebrate the legacy of Jake Burton Carpenter.  Wax your board or skis, hit the slopes, and have as much fun as possible! 

Registration is now open for members and non-members at the link below.

Adult Racing

Upcoming Training: February 25

February 18 Fun & Glory GS Race:
Ski race: 1:00pm start on Challenge
Inspection 12:35-12:55pm
SB race: on Kent with 9:30am SB Club Championships.
2 runs for Club Championships (1 run in each course- combined time) followed by F&G run (1 run but can take 2 – scored best time, but only using 1 course)

Fun & Glory Teams

Fun & Glory Standings:
Mitch Perreault: 150 
 Will Carter: 222 
 Stephanie Coward: 162
 Mike McTaggart: 189
 Don French: 198
 Joanna Perreault: 158.5 
 Adam Grossman: 172 
Graham Ramshaw: 136.5 

Fun & Glory Upcoming Races

Ski Races

February 18: GS on Challenge
March 3: Adult Ski Club Championships
*dates subject to change

Snowboard Races

February 18: Kent (1st run will count for Club Championships, 2nd run for F&G, on SB-only course)
*dates subject to change

Fantasy Fun & Glory

Updated this week!


Our parameters for the results section are to highlight Alpine racers finishing in the top 10. Please share photos of your athlete’s podium by email.

Congratulations to our OEST Team for their season results below. Good luck in the upcoming Provincials and Junior Nationals in March!

Horseshoe Jan. 27:
13+ Non-FIS Women: 1st Brayden Dlin

FIS Men: 1st Dov Perlus

Horseshoe Jan. 28:
13+ Non-FIS Women: 2nd Brayden Dlin

Beaver Valley Feb. 3:
13+ Non-FIS Women: 2nd Brayden Dlin

FIS Women: 1st FIS Paige Gorman

Beaver Valley Feb. 4:
13+ Non-FIS Women: 2nd Brayden Dlin, 3rd Rylie Gorman

FIS Women: 1st Paige Gorman

FIS Men: 3rd Dov Perlus

GROMS Freestyle Event on Sunday, February 11
Snowboard @ Craigleith – CRAIGLEITH_Snowboard_2024 _RESULTS
Freestyle Ski @ Alpine – Alpine_SKI_2024 _RESULTS

Freestyle Skiers: 
Gold: Sophia Liberatore, Isabel Davis, Cam Filman 
Silver: Marin Bennett, Brendan Shoemaker 

Freestyle Snowboarders: 
Gold: Theo Barr, Juliette Ostos 
Silver: Norah Klieb, Janna Zarek, Olivier Klieb 
Bronze: Halle Davis, Jake Jamieson, Eli Davis, Meera Zarek 

Speed Nation PSL & PGS NorAm @ Alpine

Ben Heldman – Bronze PSL, Silver PGS
Abby Van Groningen – 7th in PSL
Luis Freeman – 6th in PSL
Riley Kilmer-Choi – 6th in PGS

Canadian Senior Nationals:
Ben – Bronze PSL, Silver PGS
Abby – Silver PSL, Bronze PGS

Photos by Carrie Kizuka Photography