February 1, 2024

February 1, 2024

Race Bulletin

March Break Camps

Registration is now open for March Break Camps for all programs.
Review your options in the Program Guide at the link below.

Upcoming Important Dates

February 3: Adult Interclub Race @ Alpine (GS on Challenge)  
February 10: Light It Up! Programs Fundraiser Day   
February 9/10: SB Racing NorAm PSL  
February 17: Night Rail Jam  
February 18: Snowboard & Freeski Club Championship Race Day
February 19: Family Day Fun Ski Race 
February 19: Snowboard Dual 
February 25: Snowboard & Freeski Club Championship SBX/Slopestyle Day 
March 2/3: Ski Club Championship Weekend 
March 16: Pipe Jam and Ride for Jake Day 

Friday Training

Friday training runs from 9:15-3:15. We ask you to let us know your racer’s attendance by the Wednesday prior each week by completing the form below.

Racing This Weekend

Friday, February 2

U14 Ladies OCup SG Race on Challenge 
U14 Men OCup SG Race @ Craigleith  

Saturday, February 3

U8 PSL Race on Kent  
Masters Interclub League GS Race on Challenge 
U12 Team Fire & Ice GS Race @ Osler 
U14 Team Blizzard @ Beaver Valley  
U16 OCup GS Race @ Craigleith

Sunday, February 4

U10 9 y.o. GL Race on Kent 
U16 Team Crescendo & Down Draft GS Race @ Craigleith 
U16 OCup SL Race @ Devil’s Glen 

Upcoming Event Registration

Feb. 10: Relay Rush Fundraiser Race (Sign Up Here)
Feb. 17: Rail Jam + Dinner  (sign up coming soon…)
Feb. 18: Snowboard & Freeski GS Race Day – Sign up clipboard in Programs & Events office
Feb. 19: Family Day Fun Ski Race – Sign up clipboard in Programs & Events office
Feb. 19: Snowboard Dual – Sign up clipboard in Programs & Events office
Mar. 2: Junior Ski Club Championships
Mar. 2: Ski Night Dual on Club Championship weekend  – qualify via Club Championships
Mar. 3: Ski Cross & Adult Ski Club Championships

Club Championships 

Snowboard & Freeski Club Championships 
February 18: Snowboard & Freeski GS Race Day 
**Ski racers who also snowboard are encouraged to sign up to compete in the Snowboard Club Championships. Sign up in the Programs & Events office.**
February 25: Snowboard & Freeski Club Championship SBX/SX/Slopestyle Day

Ski Club Championships 
March 2:
U6 on Lower Alpine (GS) 
U8/U10 on Kent (GS & PSL) 
U12-U19 on Challenge (GS & SL) 
Results from the day will be used to qualify for the Night Dual

March 3:
Ski Cross (registered racing program athletes only) 
Adult Ski Club Championships

Club Championships 
All athletes in a ski racing or competitive freeski or snowboard program will be automatically entered into Club Championships. All recreational program participants must sign up in the Programs & Events office.

Light It Up! Programs Fundraising Day

This Saturday, February 10, we’re dedicating an entire day to our programs FUNdraising efforts this season, with so many great ways to get involved and help raise money for your Alpine programs! Choose from our live and silent auction, 51/49 Split, Alpine Relay Rush race, and more!

Proceeds raised will go towards funding the installation of permanent light fixtures on the new Arrowhead Chair to allow for special event competitions outside of our regular operating hours. 

There are so many ways to participate, click the link below to find out!

Adult Racing

Upcoming Training:
February 4, and February 25

Next Races:
Adult Interclub: Saturday, February 3
Fun & Glory: Sunday, February 11

Fun & Glory Teams

Fun & Glory Upcoming Races

Ski Races

February 11: SL on Kent
February 18: GS on Challenge
March 3: Adult Ski Club Championships
*dates subject to change

Snowboard Races

February 11: SL on Kent (snowboard course will be set independent from ski course)
February 18: GS on Challenge (1st run will count for Club Championships, 2nd run for F&G, on SB-only course)
*dates subject to change

Adult Interclub Races

Hetherington Cup: 
January 13: SL at Caledon 
January 20: GS at Georgian Peaks 
February 3: GS at Alpine 
February 10: GS at TSC 

Ridge Cup:  
February 25: GS at Craigleith 

Fantasy Fun & Glory

Leaderboard has been updated!


Our parameters for the results section are to highlight Alpine racers finishing in the top 10 (top 20 for OCup). Please share photos of your athlete’s podium by email.

Sunday, January 21

U12 SOD Cup Bracket 3 PSL @ Georgian Peaks:
Female: 3rd Victoria McTaggart, 10th Brigitte Theriault
Male: 3rd Hunter Roy-Hubley, 5th Quinn McLoughlin, 7th Aubrey Levine, 8th Reuben Glick 

U16 SOD Bracket 1 SL @ Alpine:
Male: 10th Alex Grey 

Friday, January 26

U14 OCup GS @ Craigleith:
Female: 9th Avery Stronach, 15th Gwenyth Adams 
Male: 16th Connor Pollock, 20th Easton King 

Saturday, January 27

FIS SL on Challenge:
Female: 2nd Shelby Brock
Male: 18th Ethan Basil

U12 SOD Cup Team Fire & Ice @ Blue Mtn:
Female: 1st Helena Poetker
Male: 1st Brycen McLinden, 2nd Asher Rosenberg, 8th Elliott Viner, 9th Luke Irwin 

U14 SOD Cup Team Blizzard @ Devil’s Glen:
Female: 19th Sydney Fraiberg

Sunday, January 28

U12 SOD Cup Team McLaren Terrain @ Alpine:
Female: 5th Ella Gonneau, 7th Brigitte Theriault 
Male: 2nd Hunter Roy-Hubley 

U12 SOD Cup Team Ferrari + Aston Martin @ Craigleith:
Female: 8th Sophia Whale 
Male: 2nd Beckett Goldfarb, 6th Cass Merker 

U14 SOD Cup Team Flurry @ Georgian Peaks:
Female: 5th Eliana Einav 

U16/19 SOD Cup Team Down Draft + Crescendo @ Beaver Valley: 
Male: 1st Malcolm Thompson, 6th Jonas Kuzmarov, 10th Mackenzie Hall 

Fun & Glory Team Leaderboard:
Will Cartar: 145 
Mike McTaggart: 140 
Don French: 132 
Adam Grossman: 119 
Joanna Perreault: 111 
Stephanie Coward: 107 
Mitch Perreault: 97  
Graham Ramshaw: 89