December 31, 2023

December 31, 2023

Race Bulletin

Upcoming Racing Program Dates

The Race Program includes holiday and new year’s camps as part of the program.
Your holiday racing schedule is as follows:
December 27-31
January 2-4
January 5 is the first day of Friday Training (optional – must sign up, see details below)
January 6-7 is the first weekend of regular programs (teams will be announced on Jan. 5)

Holiday Camp Groups

The following links indicate your camp groupings, coaches, meeting times and locations for camp, December 27-January 4:

Members please log in to view group lists below.

Junior Skier Evaluations

January 3 & 4 will be our race simulation (time trials) and skills assessment days.
Racers will meet their coaches at the usual meeting times on these days. Please come prepared with slalom skis (for ages U12+), no slalom protection required.
U8/U10 on January 3 – race simulation, timed runs in the morning, skills assessment in the afternoon.
U12+ on January 4 – race simulation, timed runs in the morning, skills assessment in the afternoon.
Coaches will pick up and distribute bibs at morning drop-off.

Season teams will be released by email on January 5 and will be based on race simulation results, skier evaluation, age, and sporting spirit.   

Friday Training

Friday trainings are optional. We ask that you please use the sign up form below to let us know if your racer will attend a Friday Training by no later than the Wednesday prior each week. Even if you purchased a package of trainings we still ask that you sign up each week so we can account for attendance.

The first Friday Training date is Friday, January 5 from 9:15-3:15.
You can still purchase packages for Friday Training online via our program registration form. Packs of 4 or 9 are available. 

Single Friday Training: $80 
4-pack: $260 
9-pack: $450 

Alpine Ontario (AOA) Registration

This is a reminder to all racers aged U10 and older to please register for the season with Alpine Ontario. This is required in order to enter any races this season.

Parent Information Sessions

We held our parent information sessions for the racing program on December 28 & 29. If you couldn’t make it, don’t fret, we’re sharing the presentations below. Should you have any questions, please reach out.

Parent Awareness Module

As we continue to prioritize the safety and positive experience of all our members, this season we introduced a new online training module specifically designed for our Club parents.

  • The parent module covers essential topics such as the roles and responsibilities of parents, coaches, and athletes, principles of fair play, sportsmanship, and safety, as well as an overview of our club’s policies and procedures.
  • We kindly request that one parent per athlete completes the online parent module at the link below.

Thank you for your proactive involvement in this important initiative. Your commitment to completing the parent module is instrumental in fostering a positive and safe environment for all athletes in our Club.

Parent Tuning Workshop

Sidecut Tuning will be at the Club on Saturday, January 6 at 9:30 am in the Arrowhead Room. Stop by for a tuning education workshop open to all.

Light It Up! Programs Fundraising Day

Reminder to save the date for Saturday, February 10. We’re dedicating an entire day to our programs FUNdraising efforts this season, with so many great ways to get involved and help raise money for your Alpine programs! Choose from our live auction during the Après, Alpine Relay Rush race, and more!

Proceeds raised will go towards funding the installation of permanent light fixtures on the new Arrowhead Chair to allow for special event competitions outside of our regular operating hours. 

Racing Uniforms are Ready for Pickup

If you ordered a junior race uniform this past spring, they have arrived at the Club and are ready for pickup!

Please email Ellie to set up a time to pick up your order.

Junior Race Schedules

Each age bracket schedule can be found linked below, with the exception of U14 & U16 OCup teams, who will receive schedules directly from your coaches.

U10 (8 year olds)
U10 (9 year olds)
U12 Weekend
U12 All-Inclusive (10 year olds)
U12 All-Inclusive (11 year olds)
U14 SOD Cup
U16/U19 SOD Cup

Adult Racing

Important Dates:
January 5: Fun & Glory registration deadline  
January 6: DRAFT DAY for Team Captains 
January 7: Teams posted (website) 
January 13: F&G Calcutta (teams up for purchase)
January 14: Fantasy Team submissions due by 12:00 Noon

Upcoming Training:
January 13, January 28, February 4, and February 25.

Fun & Glory Upcoming Races

Ski Races

January 14: GS on Kent,
Fantasy Fun & Glory team submissions close!
January 21: GS on Challenge
February 11: SL on Kent
February 18: GS on Challenge
March 3: Adult Ski Club Championships
*dates subject to change

Snowboard Races

January 14: GS on Kent (snowboard course will be set and run in advance of ski course)
January 21: GS on Challenge (snowboard course will be set and run in advance of ski course, with SB gates)
February 11: SL on Kent (snowboard course will be set independent from ski course)
February 18: GS on Challenge (1st run will count for Club Championships, 2nd run for F&G, on SB-only course)
*dates subject to change

Adult Interclub Races

Hetherington Cup: 
January 13: SL at Caledon 
January 20: GS at Georgian Peaks 
February 3: GS at Alpine 
February 10: GS at TSC 

Ridge Cup:  
February 25: GS at Craigleith 

Fantasy Fun & Glory

New this year; the new Fantasy Fun & Glory league where you can build your dream racing team, compete against other members, and maybe even take home the cash prize. Learn more at the link below.

Fun & Glory Calcutta Auction

Become a Fun and Glory team owner. If your team wins, you win! 
Join us January 13 at the Stampede Après to purchase your team. 
Calcutta: Open to all members, whether you race down the slopes or cheer from the sidelines. 

What is the Fun & Glory Calcutta?

Become a team owner by purchasing a team in a live auction format. Team ownership is open to all members who wish to participate (whether you are racing in Fun & Glory or not).  Teams will be available for purchase at The Calcutta après January 13, 2024.  Winnings will be awarded based on team results at the end of the season.  The amounts paid for the teams will be put into a pool. Prize money will be awarded as follows; 10% will be paid to the ski programs fundraiser, 50% will be paid to the purchaser of the winning team, 25% paid to the purchaser of the second-place team and 15% paid to the purchaser of the third-place team.  

How Does It Work?

For the 2024 season, the Fun & Glory league will be adding Team Captains and a player draft element but will remain a team focused event. The Fun and Glory Committee will rank each team captain and they will represent their team for that tier. Each round of the draft will constitute a tier with Team Captain picking order randomly selected. Team Captains will be provided with a list of participants prior to the draft. Scoring: The top racer from each tier will receive 8 points, 2nd place 7 points and so on until all racers have been awarded points. Team score will be based on each team member’s individual race points calculated together using only their top 3 races from the season. 

Fun and Glory Ground Rules 

  1. No substitution of racers (i.e., giving your bib to someone else or racing in the place of the registered racer). 
  1. No downhill suits.


Stay tuned for results from this season’s races…
Please share photos of your athlete’s podium by email.